As of July 1, 2023 our new spiritual leader is Rabbi Eli Perlman.

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Av 5783/August 2023

Shalom Temple Micah Members and Friends,

We will soon enter the Jewish Year 5784. For the past six decades, those who were part of the Temple Micah family have shared many little Jewish moments together. Babies who were born were brought before our congregational family to be named. Many youngsters came together to learn in our religious school and went on to lead our family in various prayers. Many celebrated their B’nai Mitzvah with the congregation. Our congregational family helped couples unite in marriage; reached out to families who needed support through horrible illnesses; celebrated special birthdays and anniversaries; and mourned with them in their deepest time of need.

I am so excited to have been selected to be a part of this wonderful and special family. I look forward to being able to share these little Jewish moments with you, but I know that I will have to earn that right one person at a time. You should know that I am very happy to be available to you whenever you need me. Feel free to call me whenever you feel like it. If you have suggestions or complaints, I will listen with an open mind and try to work with you to satisfy your needs. However, if you want to call me with compliments, those usually embarrass me, but since they come so rarely, I can deal with them. 

Please remember that a rabbi is neither closer to G-d than any other person, nor is a rabbi better than anyone else. You and I share the same direct link to G-d. We are all G-d’s children. All of us are created in G-d’s image. Please remember this when you reach out to me.

My father (z”l) always said that there is more than enough crying in this world. My entire family is driven by that fact. So, when you call, be prepared to be uplifted. Perhaps that is why I always say, “I never had a bad day and I hope you never do either!”

Shana Tova – Let us share a HAPPY, HEALTHY 5784, filled with meaning and fulfillment for all of us, our families, and our friends. Amen. May it be G-d’s will.


Rabbi Eli B. Perlman

Rabbi Perlman comes to Temple Micah after leading Congregation Beit Shalom, a senior citizen congregation in Monroe Township, since 1995. Prior to that, Rabbi Perlman served Temple Israel in Manchester, New Hampshire from 1984 through 1994 as a part-time Rabbi and Hazzan. Rabbi Perlman has a degree in Special Education from Rhode Island College and Smicha from the Hebrew Theological College in Skokie, Illinois. In addition to his Jewish work, Rabbi Eli worked in computer science for many years.

Rabbi Perlman comes from an impressive heritage of rabbis and cantors. His father, Hazzan Ivan E. Perlman z”l, was a Conservative Cantor and served as president of the Cantor’s Assembly of the United Synagogue. One of his brothers is a rabbi and two other brothers are cantors. Rabbi Perlman and his three brothers have performed around the country celebrating their love of Jewish culture, prayers, and music.

Contact Rabbi Perlman at rabbieli@rabbiperlman.com