Religious School Director

A word from Sue Weiner

I love being Jewish, because it encourages me to be a good person, live into my values, and share my love of smiling while fulfilling one of the 613 Mitzvot!

My goal for all of our students and families is to instill this same love. I often say to our students:
— “Did you know that person is Jewish?”
— “Did you know that gaga started in Israel?”
— “Did you know that the Torah took a ride in a space shuttle and was opened and read on Shabbat?”
— “Do you hold the door or smile at someone as you walk by them?” 

Why do I ask these questions? Because I believe that Judaism is a way of life, and that living a Jewish life can be fun!

I have worked in Jewish Education, since the week after my Bat Mitzvah when I started tutoring younger B’nai Mitzvah students. I am a professional teacher and long-time Jewish Communal Professional. For many years, I was the Director of the Abrams Day Camp at the JCC and try to bring that same camp spirit to our religious school. 

The greatest gift I give to our students is the one that I gave to my daughter this year… a love of Judaism and Israel. At 19 years old, she just moved to Israel to make Aliyah and join the IDF. When people ask me how I can let her do this, my answer is that she’s doing just what I raised her to be: Jewish and love Israel. She is just a little extreme!

As Education Director, I am committed to making all of our students feel welcome and encouraged to learn at their own level of comfort. I support our students in their learning in and out of the classroom and am always available to listen. Parents are welcome to join the fun at any time. Temple Micah is my home, and I want it to feel like yours as well. I am always available by phone, text or email to listen to a suggestion, concern or just to say hi.

Thank you for sharing your children with me!

Always with a smile😊

Sue Weiner or 215-208-1189